Art Inspration: Chinese Lantern Festival

As the winter holidays approach, I always get swept up in the chaos of all of my to-do lists, so it’s nice whenever I have the opportunity to take my energy level down a notch or two. One such opportunity arose this week, in the form of a stroll through a Chinese Lantern Festival.

I had never heard of this type of festival, but was aware of oriental-type lanterns as an art form, so I was intrigued as I tried to guess how a festival could be built around my Western impression of lanterns.  Circular Chinese lantern decorated with a tassel and oriental writing.
As it turns out, the festival was a great visual experience, and I gained a new appreciation for the artistry of lantern-building.

During the hour-long stroll through darkness, dazzling LED-lit scenes each reached out and seemed to tell a story as soft oriental music wafted over the entire festival. The lanterns were hand painted and made of wire and some type of tightly meshed material.

The evening was a little magical and very inspiring.

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