~ Surfing the Yuletide toward a New Holiday Animation

If you’re in the US, I hope your Thanksgiving went well! I’m still recovering from my trip – which turned out to be pretty great after the plane landed. My co-presenter and I were asked to host a round-table discussion after our presentation, so that was a cool experience, and the view from my hotel room was amazing.

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So, what’s next?

Last year, at around this time, I started work on a simply-animated holiday greeting based on a short story my dad had written many years ago. I was fortunate to have a few volunteers in my family members and friends as the voice talent for the short, and in the time since the video was posted, I’ve been asked a few times whether or not there’d be another holiday short for this year.

It was a question I fully expected.

If you’re not familiar with the mechanics of animation, you may not realize that it is actually a very labor-intensive undertaking. Fortunately, I was a few steps ahead of the inquisitors by having already decided over the summer that a holiday short would likely happen again this year. The script had been written by that point (and revised with the help of my Pop) and I’m  happy to say the main characters have now been designed.

What can I share without giving too much away? Well, there’s:

  • A cat
  • A couple of kids
  • A Santa Clause
  • A husband and wife
  • A huge misunderstanding


I’m deciding today whether or not I want to use Flash to create this (as I realize the limitations of working with Photoshop). Flash’ll give me so many more options, but it’ll also take the production value up a notch (animation is one of the things Flash – not Photoshop – was designed to do). When I first started these shorts, they were meant to look homemade and a perhaps little hokey, and I’m feeling loyalty toward what I’ve already created; however, I’ve grown weary of all of the workarounds that are required to make these in Photoshop.

Sheesh, how many people do you know who actually grapple with tools vs. aesthetics?

Here’s to hoping for a swift month, but not too swift!
I look forward to bringing this one to life.


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