~ Another Li’l Ditty for m’Day Job

Back in March, I posted A Little Ditty for My Day Job. It showcased a short video I created at the request of a colleague. Though creating videos is only one component of the array of job-duties I perform, I do end up receiving quite a few opportunities and requests to make them. This is actually one of the many reasons why I love what I do for a living – my work allows me a creative outlet and I can practice some of the skills I personally cultivate. I certainly recognize how lucky my situation is and I am very grateful.

Many of the videos I end up creating for my job are screencasts; however, for this one, I had a rare opportunity to create something “fun” that’s going to be a part of a series on how to caption YouTube videos. My task was to introduce captions, so I decided the only way to go would be to crack open and dust off the ol’ simulated paper cut-outs.

Never thought they’d cross over to my work! 😀

(Some of the text is intentionally blurred.)


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