~ Yo, Zazzle is da Bombdiggity

Have a cool t-shirt design and feel a little hesitant to send it off to a digital graphics company to get made? Maybe you’re concerned that the t-shirt will come back and be so thin that it literally dissolves in the washing machine or maybe Inspector 14 let cringe-worthy bleeding colors pass the quality-control check, leaving you with a shirt that quickly finds a home with the dust rags. Your concern is valid, my friend. Digital printing companies can be a gamble; however, in a pinch, I’ve learned that Zazzle.com will get the job done.

I needed to make three custom shirts for a race that’s only a few weeks away. Having ordered from different companies in the past, most with less-than-recommendable results, I decided to give Zazzle a try as I had ordered a custom-designed phone cover from them and love it. Zazzle’s order submission process was extremely customizable and I expected the order to take 11-14 days to arrive due to the need to print on black shirts, but it came swiftly in only six. The shirts are made from Hanes’s medium-heavy material, so I think they’ll weather the day’s activities. The color quality is pretty decent, so overall, I think these shirts will do just fine!

That’ll do, Zazzle.

Two black shirts with colorized digital images

P.S. If you’re wondering where the Then and Now series went, it was postponed due to this project and the one I’ll share in next week’s post, but it won’t be postponed forever. 😉


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