~ Then and Now: A Series of Five Scenes

Now that class is out for the summer, I’ve gone back to work on the Fireflower Airship presentation. But in the meantime, I thought some fun in-between blog updates could be derived from comparing some of my earlier 3ds Max work circa 2011 with updated versions. Doing a comparative series has been on my mind for awhile as I experienced a lot of unnecessary frustration with 3ds Max back when I was first introduced to it.

Though I fell in love with the software the first time I set eyes on it, my 2011 instructor was not an educator, but rather an architectural professional and didn’t know much about how to present the material to a class full of 3d artists-in-the-making. I’m not exaggerating when I say he spent five hours, every week, for 16 weeks showing us examples of his work and how to do advanced texturing…before we even had a grasp of basic primitives (the basic three dimensional shapes). His work was inarguably impressive and made great fodder for inspiration, but YouTube quickly became my sensei and I hunkered down to just try to put something together for each week’s assignment.

The result was lots of holes, rote memorization, and plenty of scenes that never looked the way I wanted. I vowed to redo them when I had learned enough to do so.

So, starting next week, I’ll begin presenting the first of five scenes from that time period paired with a re-imagined version in a series I’m calling Then and Now. I look forward to updating those scenes as a symbolic gesture. A cleansing, if you will, of the memories from an earlier time when I often wanted to throw my computer against the wall.


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