~ Inspiration: Restorative Amazement with Photoshop

When he was 60-years-old, a Chinese man by the name of Baojun Yuan, learned how to use Photoshop. I first read about this gentleman in the 2011 PetaPixel article, 76-year-old Photoshop Master in China Restores Old Photos for Free, and today, I want to give his work an audience with folks who might really appreciate the delicate skill and patience that went into restoring these old photos.

It’s amazing that a person possessing this kind of talent would not charge for his work; yet, I can  understand. These pictures are memories that were destined to be forgotten as time chewed away at their edges and cracked their surfaces. I can only imagine the look on the owners’ faces when Master Yuan presented the restored photographs to them. I’ve had the honor of feeling individuals’ heartfelt appreciation after doing something for them that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do themselves. I’m a simple person, so as long as I’m able to eat and have a roof over my head tonight, then someone’s gratitude for my work is more precious than being paid could ever be.

Last week, it was announced in the Global Times that the now 81-year-old is seeking an apprentice. The skillset he’s looking for? Basic Photoshop proficiency and a warm heart. 🙂

repair1 repair4 repair5



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