~ Animation Inspiration: Jeremy 3D’s Voltron Reel

Voltron StatueI think it was last spring when I first mused on the noticeable absence of a lady Voltron in the 80’s Voltron: Defender of the Universe cartoon. To give a little background, Voltron is hands down my favorite childhood cartoon. I was mesmerized by those robotic lions and completely awestruck at how they could come together to create a humanoid form. I remember mentally deconstructing each lion to see if how they folded themselves up was even possible! Where did their legs go? I never really thought about boy robots or girl robots at the time. I just liked robots!

So, last year at about this time, as I thought more about the Voltron universe, and seeing as how Votron is noticeably a dude robot, it seemed that relying solely on a male robot created a lack of universal balance. To even the scales, there needed to be a She-Ra to Voltron’s He-Man. I ended up giving myself a future project of creating a female Voltron in 3ds Max. I decided I would make her out of a sleeker, more feminine cat form versus the boxy lion, so the cheetah would be my inspiration.

I was recently reminded of my goal when I came across the video below from Jeremy 3D. He uses the original angular lions, and if you watch closely, you’ll notice he accounts for everything when they fold up.

Nicely done, sir!


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