~ A Little Ditty for My Day Job

A colleague and I gave a presentation this week on some of the features of Windows 8. When she first asked me to present with her, I realized right away that there was a certain degree of irony to be recognized. When Windows 8 first came out, I loathed it and tried to come up with reasons for why the office I worked in at the time should not upgrade to it.

My standpoint was that it was not intuitive and it was too much of a jump from Windows 7 (well, not just Windows 7, actually ALL of the previous versions of Windows) in the look and functionality of the user interface, and by upgrading to it we’d be upgrading to an operating system that I felt wouldn’t be around for long. My sentiments were heartfelt, but I’m not usually such a Negative Nelly, so I was glad when life presented me with an opportunity to right that little bit of bad juju (and it looks like Windows 8 is going to stick around for awhile).

So, are you wondering about my standpoint now?

Meh…it’s not so bad. Folks just get used to it after awhile. 😉

For the presentation, my colleague wanted something to loop at the beginning while participants filed in, so I created this animation using Sparkol’s VideoScribe. It worked like a charm (heh heh…charm…Windows 8…get it? Ah, never mind!):


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