~ Animation Inspiration: 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Troupe

It was shortly after discovering Newgrounds.com in 1999, that I became interested in this “thing” called Flash animation. Flash animation is created with a program called Adobe Flash. If you haven’t heard of Newgrounds, it’s a website that’s been around since before YouTube (which only started, seemingly unbelievably, in 2005), and artists of all levels have used that site to upload and share their work — whether it’s a cartoon, a game, or just about anything else you can do with Flash.

After seeing it on Newgrounds, I immediately loved the look of Flash animation and most of the animations I found were simplistic, yet highly entertaining! So, I geeked out a bit and tried to get my eyes on as much of it as I could on Newgrounds. But because there was no YouTube and no “Suggested Videos” for me to explore, when I soon wanted more sources of Flash animation, I had to find it old-school style by researching and looking for it.

One of the sources that stood out to me for its clever interpretation of popular movies and for the fact that (at the time) the animator did all of the work herself (yes, HERself, the artist is a lady! Whoo! for women in animation!) with the voice assistance of a few of her friends, was Jennifer Shiman’s Angry Alien Productions. At the time, she only had a handful of animations on her site, most notable was her interpretation of Titantic (which I must have watched over and over about 20 times). Almost instantly, I started to admire her work.

I can also identify with how Jennifer Shiman didn’t start out as an animator, but decided one day that she wanted to follow what was in her heart. That’s basically me, in a nutshell.

As my life got busier and busier, I ended up straying away from Angry Alien Productions for a number of years, but recently decided to stop back by to check out her recent work. She’s been busy, and there’s been so much for me to enjoy. I think you’ll enjoy her site, too…or at least you’ll get a chuckle or two!

30-Second Bunnies Theatre Troupe presented by Jennifer Shiman’s Angry Alien Productions

The short that started it all for me! Titantic in 30 seconds (and re-enacted with bunnies)

link to animation


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