~ Trick or Treat: A Paper Cutout Halloween

I wonder if it’s normal to occasionally be drawn to and wander over to other forms of animation. I’ve been fixating a bit, lately, on the paper cutout variety.

Paper cutout animations look so simplistic, but like any stop-motion animation, they are quite large undertakings. Fortunately, it’s possible to recreate paper cutout dolls on the computer and in doing so, the process of animating them can become much quicker. In fact, the creators of South Park have it down to a magical science that they perform each week. So, I looked into it and saw a good tutorial that demonstrates how to create the same look/feel as construction paper cutout dolls in Photoshop. After getting some “work” work done over the past couple of weeks, I had a little bit of time to do some “fun” work, soooo I tried it out.

It just so happens that last year, I asked my niece to make up a Halloween story and I recorded her narration. This is a story that so deserved to be animated back then, as do many things that come from the mouths of babes, but I kept putting it off over and over – not knowing exactly how I wanted to present it so that the visuals matched that certain spark in her narration.

Then I saw that tutorial and things clicked into place. What had been put off for a year was completed in two weeks! This short was created entirely in Photoshop. Each animated clip was brought into iMovie for editing.

Happy Halloween to ya! Stay safe!


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