~ Freelance Screencasting Delight!

I’ve had a really great opportunity cross my path. A trucking software company has asked me to create screencasts for their website. Their goal is to teach their clients how to use their software as well as draw in new clientele with videos that highlight features of their software. These videos are a part of their new inbound marketing campaign, so I’m learning a bit about marketing in the process.

I’m pretty excited about this because I’ve been wanting to put my screencasting skills to good use. Teaching’s fun for me and I really, really love creating graphics and making videos. With this project, I get to experiment a little with design, music, animation, etc. to help the company build their brand image and online library of marketing and learning videos. Very exciting stuff!

I’d love to continue to build my portfolio of freelance screencasting opportunities, so if you know someone who needs a screencast, let me know!

If you’re curious about any of this, the company just released a couple of the videos I created for them. Keep them in mind if you know a trucker, dispatcher, or trucking company!


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