~ Fireflower, I shall finish thee!

Last summer, I had a cool opportunity cross my path and unfortunately, due to major computer problems I was unable to stay in the game for that particular project:

The Task

Create a realistic-looking Fireflower. Not familiar with the Fireflower? If you’re a child of the 80s and at all familiar with Nintendo, you’ll recognize this cool Lego art:


In many Mario games, Mario has to survive a trek across an airship. The Lego Fireflower is based on one of those airships.

The Reason

The idea was to use a realistic version of the ship as part of the opening scene for Beat Down Boogie’s Mario Warfare. If you have a chance to check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

When my computer situation improved over the winter, I resurrected the Fireflower and spent 3 months working on her in the hope that the director might still be able to use her for something – if even in the background somehow (ha! as eye candy). In the late spring, I showed him some pictures of the base model:


Alas, he didn’t use it, but he did say it looked cool. So, I remained encouraged.

Fast forward to August. I decided to contact the Lego artist himself, Julius Baron von Brunk, to seek permission to use the likeness of his ship to create an animation and use some of it for my demo reel. He readily agreed and asked if I’d be interested in making 3d models of his latest creation!


Of course, I told him: “I’d love to!”

So, with that fantastic news, I set off to refine my idea for animating his ship and I created a space on Deidee Designs to keep track of my work on the project. I won’t make any predictions on when it’ll be ready. Due to time and other obligations, it’s hard for me to work on it everyday, but it’ll get my attention a few days per week and I’ll post regular updates.

Fireflower, I shall finish thee!


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